Rob Frank – Isolation EP Interview

Rob Frank – Isolation EP Interview

Canadian multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter and producer Rob Frank has just released his highly anticipated new EP ‘Isolation’. We had the chance to chat with Rob about the EP and how life has been in general…

PD: Hi Rob, so how have you been these last few months? 

RF: I’ve been alright. Just trying to cope through these unique times the same as everyone else is. Doing what I can to adapt to the “new normal”. It’s a unique time in the world right now, and I have nothing but respect for all the front line workers and everything they do (and continue to do) through this pandemic.


PD: Has the Pandemic altered your writing and recording process in any way?

RF: I never really gave that a lot of thought to be honest. I was really just focused on the writing and recording. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to changes that might have been caused due to the pandemic. I’m sure it affected things more than I noticed. Something like the actual tracking process, in that I was doing the majority of it alone. In other circumstances I would have involved other people or something like that.


PD: How was the recording of the new EP compared to the “Keep On Keepin’ On” album? 

RF: The new EP was sort of like starting again in some ways. While I’ve pretty consistently been releasing material, the last few releases have been as part of a band dynamic. So with this EP it was really getting back to my own process. In that way it relates back to Keep On Keepin’ On, because it was a similar scenario back when I was making that album. 


PD: The” Isolation” EP is out now, can you give us a run down on the tracks, what was the inspiration behind them? 

RF: The songs are a variety of styles that range from upbeat rock, to mid tempo alternative, and acoustically driven tracks. Thematically the songs all sort of go together. I felt that lyrically they directly or indirectly apply to what a lot of people have (and continue to) been feeling throughout this pandemic. I prefer to let people have a song mean to them whatever it means to them when they listen to it, but I do think that there’s a lot of relatable topics covered within these songs.


PD: Do you have a favourite track on the new EP? 

RF: That answer can change depending when I’m asked and what kind of mood I’m in. Currently I’d say Dark Angel and Unwind. 


PD: If you had to compare the new EP to another artist, who would you say it is more like?

RF: I really don’t know who I’d compare it to. I’ve always thought my music has its own sound/vibe to it. I would however be interested to hear what you’d compare it to?


PD: Which track on the EP would you say defines what Rob Frank is about? 

RF: I guess if someone was only going to listen to one song, I’d have them listen to Dark Angel. I don’t think any one song defines what I’m about, but if someone is only going to listen to one track, I’d be ok with it being that one. 

Rob Frank – Dark Angel


PD: Where can we buy the “Isolation” EP from? 

RF: Isolation can be found for purchase or streaming at all the usual places (iTunes/Apple music, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and so on).

PD: What is next for you musically, how is the rest of 2020 looking for you? 

RF: The rest of 2020 is going to be spent promoting this release. When I’m not doing that I’ll be working on what I have planned for 2021. If things stay to schedule, 2021 will offer a few interesting surprises.

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