RIVIA – ‘In the Air’
(Released February 25th 2022)

Liverpool four-piece RIVIA exploded almost out of nowhere back in 2019, blissfully unaware of the year that lay in store for everyone. Their debut single ‘Hello Stranger’ turned heads up and down the country, affording the band the chance to book their own tour, a move which led to further support slots for the likes of Bloxx, Apre and Mallory Knox.

Of course, this momentum soon came to an end, as the UK locked down and the music industry ground to a catastrophic halt. Refusing to let waves of gig cancellations and the dissolution of friends bands hold them back, RIVIA channelled their creative juices, releasing ‘Down and Out’ in spite of the cancelled tour. This resilience is something that’s further served the band well, allowing them to release ‘Amsterdam’ in early 2021, a period when most bands were struggling still.

Now the band are back, with ‘In the Air’, the first single from their forthcoming Scratching the Surface EP, it’s a rousing alt-rock anthem that makes the comparisons to 30 Seconds to Mars and Biffy Clyro all the more obvious, it feels like a statement of intent from a band that even a global pandemic struggled to hold back.

“On the surface In The Air is a classic love song, the feeling you get when you first spark a relationship and the potential future that is possible with that person” the band explain. “It‘s also that same feeling that you get at the end of a relationship. Those feelings of ‘what will be next?’, your plans are thrown In The Air.

“The song itself is about how everything has been thrown out of sync with the norm. The idea of “In The Air” is describing how we felt as musicians after what was essentially a year’s worth of gigging, touring and networking. All was thrown in the air by the pandemic. Also, seeing other musicians’ plans and prospects that we have worked with slowly fall off, they disappear from social media and some bands dropped off the radar completely. Quite disheartening at the time to see.”

Though these feelings, these experiences, are something that everybody can relate to in some description. Their also deeply personal to RIVIA themselves. This innate ability to make the personal feel universal is where RIVIA’s appeal lies, and with songs as anthemic as ‘In the Air’, it’s difficult not image everyone finding at least some catharsis here.

RIVIA – In The Air 25th Feb

RIVIA – Amsterdam

RIVIA – Down & Out

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