Ritual Forms

Ritual Forms – ‘Down’
(Released January 20th 2023)

Ritual Forms formed at the height of the pandemic in 2021 when good friends Anna Marcella, Curtis ElVidge, and Joe Cross decided it was time to combine their distinctive musical backgrounds into a new project with the intention to remove all self-imposed constraints and rediscover themselves in an uninhibited creative process.

With roots in both England and the US, the trio now hail from London, where they’ve been cultivating a unique and often atmospheric sound that balances lyrical intensity, nuanced production, and emotive synth arrangements with creative beats and powerful bass. Listen closely and you’ll find layers of sound that build and break – crushing and then restrained. Production flourishes and pitch-shifted harmonies showcase emotion through sound design.

Their upcoming debut album, Nighttime Economy, shape-shifts between light and dark – Anna uses the song writing process to exorcise depression and anxiety demons, while equally there are moments that recall the euphoria of losing oneself in music and the night. Their second single, ‘Down’ is a vibe – equal parts sullen and dreamy, oozing with seedy sounds and textures. The track has a unique song structure, melodies that groove, lyrics with impact and all the while Anna’s vocals mix breathy anxiousness with slurred ecstasy. This is a band creatively recharged and fully dedicated to their craft.

New Single, ‘Down’ Info:

Down was planted in retro territory when Curtis created a warped 90’s hip-hop sample, which in turn inspired Anna to create impactful lyrics and groove melodies around a unique song structure. The lyrical backdrop here is both personal and politically charged, but the band wanted to layer sounds and textures to bring a sullen and dreamy vibe that represents both the anxious undertones many of us are feeling, along with the flow and relief of moving forward.

Ritual Forms are:

Anna Marcella: Writer, Producer, Composer, Singer, Synth & Piano player
Joe Cross: Bass, Producer, Composer
Curtis ElVidge: Drums, Producer, Composer, Mixing

Ritual Forms – Down 20th Jan 23

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