Toronto indie pop power trio, Rikashay, is releasing the newest single, “Scarlett/The Dance She Inspires” this Thursday (28th March) to all major streaming platforms. “Scarlett/The Dance She Inspires” is a dynamic jazz-tinged track with pop sensibilities, inspired by the naivety and inherent innocence of adolescent affection. The song can be broken into two contrasting segments, the first being a blissful indie rock singalong, followed by an abrasive high energy jig, which carries the track to its climax. “Scarlett/The Dance She Inspires” is Rikashay’s first release in a string of singles to be launched throughout 2019, leading up to the release of their sophomore full length record, set to be released in the latter half of this year.

Rikashay – Scarlett/The Dance She Inspires

Rikashay – Seasick Lullaby

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