A unique vocal range coupled with burning heavy rock guitar work, often erupting into a classic, yet alternative sound. No matter how the music is described, the Oswego, Kansas-based musicians clearly are engaging. Known for having an ear bending amplitude and attitude, they create a bit of a change from traditional rock concepts, while maintaining similar creative listening impressions. There is more.

The current single from Ridiculas Trixx, “Waterfalls Are Beautiful,” features a brief but striking guitar intro with superb sonics and texture. Before long, vocals arrive, accompanied by just the axe work, making for a compelling mix. At 40 seconds the drums kick in and the complete song begins to fly. Influences including Judas Priest, Halestorm and Evanescence can be heard. Yet Ridiculas Trixx, a trio, owns the sound of “Waterfalls Are Beautiful,” especially with the lyrics: “Hey yeah waterfalls are beautiful/not the tears coming down my face/waterfalls are beautiful/not the tears from a heartbreak.”

Cascading water of any scale can be impressive and pleasing to look at and so is the video for Ridiculas Trixx’ “Waterfalls Are Beautiful,” by Rosemary Butterfly. The imagery, in color and black and white, comes and goes with an earthy artistic stylization. Well synced with the music, at times the visuals portray dimensionality and foreshortening before returning to a 2D celluloid feeling. Meanwhile, abstract Jackson Pollack-type splashes turn to real life flowers moving in slow motion before the scenery becomes a landscape of invented stalagmites. But if you thought that was all there is to Ridiculas Trixx, think again.

Another band highlight, “Surrender,” is an electric rock retrogression featuring stellar vocals. The guitar chords are powered and thick with just the right amount of recorded presence. “Surrender,” another example of Ridiculas Trixx’ knack for creating original melodies, could draw comparisons to Heart. Taking a look on the band’s official website, the 4:28 “Getcha Some” stands out with a slower sludge rock tempo and rhythm. Plus, check out the drum fills. The Ridiculas Trixx Soundcloud page has a number of other tracks, including the somewhat blues infused “Don’t Cha.”

Won Song of the Year “Surrender” – 2019 Josie Music Awards
Nominated for Executive Award for the 2019 Akademia Awards
Nominated for Best Alternative Group for the 2018 Indieville TV Awards in Nashville
Winning the 2017 March Akademia Award for Best Rock EP,
Best Alternative Rock Song “Waterfalls Are Beautiful” November 2017 Akademia Award

They have been featured in the UK, in Stencil Magazine 2016 Edition, Dat Wave Magazine, The Midwest Mayhem, Pete’s Rock
News & Reviews to name a few. And their music has charted in the top 10, 25, 100 , on FM, AM , and internet radio stations . Their next adventure is touring the United States and abroad. They have performed at Tony Rose Park in Nashville for the Indieville TV Awards, The Paramount Theatre in Oklahoma, The Strawberry Festival in Florida, Bikers Backing The Blue Bike Rally in Oklahoma with over 700 bikers attending, just to name a few. Showcasing their music on Music Row at the Tin Roof in Nashville. They are
dedicated, devoted, and eager to rock your venue, festival, event, with a rock/alternative style all their own.
With a strong dedication to our Military and Veterans, came their song “Soldiers”. Thanking our Military/Veterans and performing for Military Bases, and other facilities and charities for our Veterans/Wounded Soldiers/Active Duty.
Influences of classic rock icons as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Heart, Journey, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Dio, Jefferson Airplane, and Concrete Blonde, with a hint of Evanescence and Halestorm.
Ronneca Lynns’, bluesy, soultry, old school rock , powerhouse vocals brings back the 70’s/80’s sound with a twist of the newer sounds of rock/alternative and southern rock . Kelly Bliss, guitar skills gives you that ZZ top style, with Joe Simmons, keeping the beat and excitement on drums. A tight nit band that proves their skills and talent in every performance that is sure to make a lasting and exciting impression, leaving you wanting more.
Their music is positive messages and life experiences and their favorite sayings are “u r awesome” and “getcha some”.
There is no doubt that this very talented rock band is on their way to the top and working their way in becoming a household name.


RIDICULAS TRIXX – Waterfalls Are Beautiful



Band location – Oswego, Kansas

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