American born RIDER produces alternative pop. A true visionary with larger than life melodies, the London based multi-instrumentalist is heard by millions across TV / radio / film as an international vocalist and producer.
RIDER has now stepped into the limelight; propelling her distinct production, powerful vocals, emotive lyrics and energetic band performances to the forefront.
The hotly-tipped UK / US artiste singles “A Little Light”, “Let Me Go” and “Hurts Me Too” received generous attention from press, radio and streaming services on both sides of the Atlantic.
Rider’s dazzling abilities have probably filled your ears more times than you will ever know with appearances on jingles for dozens of radio stations including Europe’s biggest station BBC Radio 2, Radio 1, regional stations and many more around the world. But now she is stepping into the spotlight to show exactly what she can do.
A British/American multi-instrumentalist who writes, performs and produces all her own tracks, Rider spent her early years in Pennsylvania before moving with her family to various locations around the UK as she grew up, including Ripon, Repton, St David’s, Cheltenham, Walton On Thames and went on to study in Liverpool at Sir Paul McCartney’s LIPA.
Young, cool and sassy, Rider is an eternal optimist and her chosen name is an expression of her outlook. She says: “The name Rider to me means speed, forever moving, riding life, excitement, coasting along. It has a positive feeling about it and I’m a glass-half-full kinda girl. Life’s good.”
And this dynamic, on-the-go approach to life – which takes in a love of skydiving, snowboarding, climbing trees and plunging into the sea – is accompanied by a refusal to be bound by convention: “I don’t like abiding to rules most of the time.
I’m a free spirit and I hate taking the obvious path – both in a physical sense and metaphorically too.”
In addition to her work on radio jingles, Rider’s music has featured in an array of TV shows including ITV’s Loose Women and Australia’s Location Location Location.
Single “You” is an upbeat celebration of life changing experiences for RIDER;  a song reflective of relationship conflicts, inner strength, positivity and the constant drive to move forward.


RIDER – Hurts Me Too

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