Rich Kid Express

Rich Kid Express
releases “COLD HEARTED”
& b-side “Ride The Sky”
on Sept. 24th 2021

Squib Kick Records is proud to announce the brand new, hard rockin’ single, “Cold Hearted” by Rich Kid Express. (classic style hard rock)

RICH KID EXPRESS is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Rob Richardson. (A kid with a passion for glam rock, KISS… and the Headbanger’s Ball era of the eighties!)

Richardson formed RICH KID EXPRESS in 2019, as a project to create fun, catchy, hook filled rock songs. It wasn’t to be a re-invention of the wheel, but to just continue on that musical, hard rock journey that made his youth and so many other’s like him, enjoy the great decades of seventies and eighties rock. From the glittery sounds of seventies glam, to the NWOBHM, to the late eighties hair metal explosion…it’s all there in the RKE sound.

Influenced by such acts as: KISS, AC/DC, SWEET, JOAN JETT and WASP the material just oozes big riffs, and catchy choruses!

Feb. 2020 saw the release of “Bubblegum Radio” a five song EP, that had quite a bit of press interest and radio airplay. While many focused on the glam styled title track “Bubblegum Radio”….there was a big eighties vibe to that EP as well.

Six months later, RKE returns with their debut, full length LP, “Psychodelic”.

Chock full of riffs and edgy vocals, it demands to put a final exclamation point on the year 2020!

If you are a fan of guitar driven rock and roll, and grew up somewhere between 1973 and 1992, you are going to dig the vibe of this record! It’s not rocket science, it’s just RICH KID EXPRESS, doing what Rob does best…just having fun and making some noise.

Rich Kid Express – Cold Hearted (24th September)

Rich Kid Express – Cross The Line

Rich Kid Express – Pink Eye

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