Revolution Rabbit Deluxe

Artist: Revolution Rabbit Deluxe
Single: Pout
Release Date: 22.04.22
Label: SWND Records SWNDRRDS02
Distribution: PYST

Recovering from their surprise German No.1 with “Slava Ukraini”, Revolution Rabbit Deluxe return with the second track from their forthcoming album, “The Great Divide”.
“Pout” is already a firm favourite with the fans that have attended recent RRD gigs across the UK with it’s relentless riff and shouted chorus.

POUT is the second single released from Revolution Rabbit Deluxe’s forthcoming fourth album, ‘The Great Divide’. The album represents a whole new change in direction: more mature; more thoughtful; and also more reflective.

POUT is a landmark as it is the first recording of a song written for RRD by the bass player, Ben Davies. Its infectious post-punk joy and exuberance is introduced by a scream and the pounding of a floor tom. This energy is maintained throughout the song. As Ben explains, “The song came after a jam session early in 2020. During the instrumental, I sang, “DO THE POUT!” The remaining lyrics fell into place after that.” So, what is the POUT? “I think it’s the feeling we all have had as children and can still have as adults. A child crying over not getting ice cream and grown men and women who feel entitled to have the world revolve around them like they’re the hero in their own movie.” Prepare for the dance moves on Tik Tok. Or simply make up your own dance moves. Dance in public or private. We won’t tell.

Led by the enigmatic Rev Rabb, the genre-breaking Revolution Rabbit Deluxe are a three-piece alternative rock band with punky overtones. Revolution Rabbit Deluxe (RRD) began as a solo project but soon evolved into a working band based around Blackwood, in the heart of the South Wales valleys. Their brand of melodydriven innovative indie / alt rock has gathered excellent reviews, along with regular airplay. They’ve recently been played on the BBC and are poised to conquer mainstream radio. In January 2021, RRD were named the runner-up in Brecon Indie Reviews ‘Band of the Year’ category. They described RRD as “these dudes have masterful talent; are wonderfully bizarre and have no imagination ceiling.”

At the end of 2021, RRD signed to SWND Records.

Revolution Rabbit Deluxe consists of Rev Rabb who plays guitars and sings lead vocals. Ben Davies who plays bass and sings with the help of large amounts of black coffee. Dave H. plays trains and drives drums, but he can’t remember which way around it is.

“RRD are a spiky Brit-pop/punk band with superb songwriting and catchy choruses that dare you to not sing along” – Simon Cullen, Reviewer.

“The album is jam-packed with RRD’s trademark ear-worm melodies and hard, punchy tunes throughout. There’s elements of Pink Floyd, Television, Talking Heads

and a bit of Lennon’s nasal sneer. This really is a class rock album of some note.” – Michael Kennedy, SWND Records

“I felt like any song off of this album could have been on a “Best of Brit Rock” compilation.” – Carly @gigcityblog

“… with riffs which would be at home in a metal track, yet with archetypal psychedelic pop rock vocals, you’re treated to a smorgasbord of elements which no one can deny is prodigal.” – Amelia Vandergast, ANR Factory

Revolution Rabbit Deluxe – Pout 22/04/22

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