Reverber have just released their lyric video for the track ‘Angel Witch’, which is a cover ot the legendary Angel Witch track. Check it out below.

Reverber is an Italian thrash metal band founded in 2007 by young musicians united by one goal: playing thrash metal to the nth power.

The band has a classic composition of thrash ̶ two guitars, vocals, bass and drums ̶ and offers a sound halfway between the classic thrash metal of the Bay area and the more granitic in northern Europe, thus creating a unique and modern project that makes continually dealing with old-school metal.

Since the first full length of 2009, “Serial Metal Killer”, everything that you want from the old school thrash emerges, without ever forgetting those involving melodies that seem destined to become a distinctive feature of the roman band; tracks like “Lord of Fuel” and “Religion of the Hate” are the most concrete proof of this.

In fact, after several changes of line-up, the band returns to the scene in 2016 with “Immortals”, an album positively received by critics and the roman underground scene; songs like “The Shining”, “The End of Your Life”, the ballad “Justice is Dead” and “Kamikaze” ̶ the band has released a lyrics video in 2017 ̶ have become real workhorses that allowed the band to widen their fan base, also thanks to the use of sinister scenes, characterized by disturbing mannequin heads.

The band is not politically deployed, but has always shown a certain animosity towards the current global political economic system, ie neoliberalism, financial elites and capitalist neo-slavery.

Until now, Reverber have organized numerous events touching most of the live Roman clubs and carving out a good share of popularity, which led them to share the stage with the likes of Nefilheim and the Exumer, during their recent minitour in Northern Italy.

Marco Mitraja – rhythm guitar, vocals;
Alessio Alessandretti – lead guitar;
Emanuele Evangelista – bass;
Alessio Stazi – drums;

Reverber – Angel Witch

Reverber – Sect of Faceless

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