RETCHED (recht’)
(Old School Thrash Metal)

Release Date: Jan./15/2021
FFO: Old School Thrash Metal with late 80’s feel with Modern Metal sounds!
Location: Mojave Desert in Southern Ca. USA

Short Bio: I am David DerMinasian the solo artist for RETCHED. Since my release of HORRIFIC in January 2021 I have been having a lot of set backs in my production. The reason is, I’ve changed my digital studio in to an analog hybrid system. For me I can’t get enough of the analog sound and the end goal is to get as close to a console sound as possible. It’s been a very long but necessary journey. I will be re-tracking and mixing my song “HORRIFIC” in analog and re-releasing it soon, it’s the title track to my next album “HORRIFIC” followed directly after with another single called “What Kind of World” Then on to finish the full length album “HORRIFIC”. The album “HORRIFIC” is expected to release in June 2023. I’m coming at the world in a new sonic assault!!!

Retched – Horrific

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Band/Artist location – Mojave Desert in Southern Ca. USA
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