An eruption of pure ecstasy explodes in the form of hard hitting rock and roll and raw rage wrapped in a band called Resurge. This collection of clutch players formed in March of 2012 after some lineup changes and the addition of a new singer. Hackensack, NJ based, this band shows no signs of loss momentum proving themselves a force and a fierce self-containing machine. As experienced musicians and professionals, this collaboration exhumes complimentary musicality and harmonious chemistry.

Working in unison, each part of this well-oiled machine propels the band forward leaving behind a trail of pumped up fans and satisfied crowds. This fiery foursome excels at crafting a sound both distinct and original. A conduit between beat and melody is Roy Brunston on bass, anchoring the rhythm section with his high energy and attention to detail. On guitar, Phil Beam delivers blistering leads and a hard rock riff full of experience that finds the bass line and supports it firmly with a solid grasp. Scott Garibaldi takes the reigns on drums with his powerhouse pocket and precise execution forcing the music to follow his beat and the sound to curl around each hit cushioning the blow. Lead singer Russell Kelley’s raspy “stop you in your tracks” vocals and his real world self-sacrificing, full bodied lyrical content over a bed of polished musical complexity, and the product is a tangible sound streaming from RESURGE that is respected and unique while in your face and downright dirty.

RESURGE is an experience. Grab on to Kelley’s melodic gritty vocals and let them guide you through the sound that comes from hard work and dedication to passion. Allow it to seep into your headscape and watch as you can’t help but bang your head and tap your feet to the catchy hooks and overwhelming power of this player band. Allow the energy of Resurge to consume you. With musical influences spanning a wide gamut of genres, be prepared for each track on the self titled debut “Resurge” to experiment with sound yet stay true to the heart of hard rock. The heart of hard rock beats loud and proud in this empire. Resurge rolls in and ignites a fire flamed by the soul of real original music. They will rock your face off. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Resurge – Live fan video

Resurge – Live fan video

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Band location – Hackensack, New Jersey

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  1. Excellent guys, they are killer ! Their all original music is pure excellence and extremely talented, for me I consider them artists because any one can be a musician! These guys are artist from the heart and soul. Great guys excellent music.
    If you haven’t seen them…. GO trust me

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