Restless Mind

Restless Mind release new album

Russian Metal formation RESTLESS MIND, led by the tireless Moscow underground musician Anton Gruzinsky, presented a new full-length album. The release became the fifth in the band’s discography, was called “Self-Lie” and is available on most of the world’s digital platforms.

Recorded/mixed and mastered by Roman Novichkov (Playmaker Sound)

Cover by Edaliana Renenkampf


  1. Solo Somersault (Сальто Одиночек) 04:11
  2. Dawn Of All Empires (Закат Империй) 04:29
  3. From Ashes to Ashes (Из праха в прах) 05:26
  4. Self-Lie (Самообман) 03:32
  5. Height Facets (К новым граням высоты) 03:38
  6. We will be eternal (Мы будем Вечны) 04:19
  7. If I could forgive (Если б я мог прощать) 03:25
  8. Only words (Лишь Слова) 04:26
  9. Execution (Казнь) 04:13
  10. Risk King 03:48
  11. Bloodline (Slayer cover) 03:37

Restless Mind – Risk King

Restless Mind – Reset

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