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Replicant Theory

replicant theory

Replicant Theory is a solo Alternative Industrial Synthwave artist from the United States. My sound is a mix of electric guitars & synthesizers used to create different atmospheres. When songwriting I focus on having the tracks evoke an emotion.

Currently Replicant Theory is working on a new sci-fi themed album utilizing drones and vocoders for lyrics moving the narrative forward. I hope to have the album finished early in 2018 and will release it digitally. I am also working with the developer Ryan Mitchel Games on in game music and effects for the game “Mission Europa 2”

Replicant Theory started in the early 2000’s and my sound has evolved over time. I have collaborated with various bands an other solo artists over the years. My work has been featured in short film and video games.

I am always open to new projects and collaborations.

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Replicant Theory – System Status

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