Replicant Theory – Reactor Zero

Replicant Theory – Reactor Zero


  1. System Status
  2. Reactor Zero
  3. Shadow Fall
  4. Deep Six
  5. Null Generator


Replicant Theory have unleashed a stunning EP onto the world. Reactor Zero EP utilises Drones and vocoders to enhance the narrative and to help the Sci Fi theme flow. The guitar and synth playing is as you’d expect from Replicant Theory….top notch and clearly evident on this release is the ability to build a track and to draw the listener in to a world so different, so futuristic and yet so real that it could almost be there.

Reactor Zero EP is a concept album regarding scientists engaged in a failed time paradox experiment.  The story is told through an AI and lost audio from the lead scientist. It is a heavy album that impresses from the beginning.

‘System Status’  begins with the AI reporting the system status in an almost pointless act of repetition. The heavy drum beats and the way the guitars and synths swarm around make this a superb opener. Things get a lot heavier with the title track ‘Reactor Zero’ Here, the lead scientist can be heard explaining the downfall of the experiment. You cannot get much better than this for power playing. ‘Shadow Fall’ hits us next, the lead scientist continuing to relay the story upon us of just how desperate the situation is. Whilst all around the music is thriving as it continues to grow. ‘Deep Six’ is the explosion of metal that has been promised from the beginning. It rocks, it is class and it has balls. ‘Null Generator’ finds the lead scientist make a last desperate attempt to save the situation. Again the playing is awesome as we are rocked to a possible oblivion.

Reactor Zero Ep is an EP that you have to listen to. If you like heavy conceptual music, this is for you. If you like well played rock, this is for you. If you like great music, then this is for you. Reactor Zero EP is released on 31st October 2017.

Pete Devine Oct 2017



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