Renegades of Fate

Renegades of Fate

Their unique sound was inspired by a variety of 90’s and 00’s musical influences as well as old school analog electronica. The chilling fusion of ethereal harmonic vocals and edgy, demanding yells demand the listener’s attention while reaching to their very core. As a whole, Renegades of Fate brings a sense of serene euphoria and nostalgia with a persona all their own. Although they have many different influences, they bring something just as unique and fresh to the scene. Renegades of Fate was first developed by Anna Simone (vocals),Stoker (vocals) and K.O. (keyboardist) in late 2014
as an experimental project that was later brought to life. Not long after their first debut appearance in October 2015,
Nekro (guitar) stepped in as their official guitarist. They since have performed with National bands,”Saint Diablo, Everybody Panic!, Seasons After, Doll Skin, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, Dead Horse Trauma and Skold” (to name a few).

Renegades of Fate seek to be more than a typical band. We want to make a multimedia movement that is culturally relevant as well as being commercially marketable. That means that we want to give a voice to the outcast that has been bullied by society for being different, the person with the weight of the world on their shoulders that will risk everything for the ones they love, the visionary that is struggling to show the world an idea that could transform the way we live, or the person who is misjudged and taken for granted because they fell upon hard times and are living in the streets. For the everyman or woman, we want to create content that is as enjoyable as it is thought provoking. Most of all, we want to inspire each and every one of our fans to dare to be different and to fight for whatever you are passionate about, whether it be a charitable cause or a lifelong dream you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

You are all catalysts and, as of now, you are all Renegades!

Renegades of Fate – Letting Go

Renegades of Fate – Masquerade

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