Remember Nothing

Remember Nothing

Remember Nothing

All good stories have an origin, and Remember Nothing started when at the age of thirteen Carlo Cranmer formed a band called Corrupted with his close friend Davven Delmar.

But like a first love, it was not to last. However the first taste of experience and ambition was there. With a lot of support from Davven and his other half, Christabel Vella, he carried on writing music and seeking out band members.

While finding himself between different bands and projects, he was fortunate to come upon John Castiel from Decline the Fall. John proved to be a driving force that ensured he kept pushing forward.

With John’s graphic design skills and knowledge, Remember Nothing was given life through social media forms; all the while his encouragement and interest keeping the project alive and on track. It was with this amazing boost that brought Remember Nothing where it is now, with a new chapter being forged.

Remember Nothing – Just A Game

Remember Nothing – Save Me

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