Relentless Aggression

Relentless Aggression
American Carnage
(Thrash Metal)

Release Date: August 27, 2021
FFO: Slayer, Exodus, Vio-Lence

After releasing critically acclaimed debut album “A Shadow of All Things Broken” in February this year, the Bergen old school thrashers will release a new single and video on August 27th. The song is called “American Carnage” and is a fast thrasher with lyrics about the chaos in the US the last years, leading up to the storming of the Capitol. Once again the band used the studio of Iver Sandøy (drummer for Enslaved), and he also play drums on the new song.

Relentless Aggression is a band that first started up as Hell Awaits in 1986, with Erik “Grim” Brødreskift (Immortal, Gorgoroth, Borknagar) handling the drums. They played the Bergen Thrash Festival in 1990, and then the band went into hiatus. In 2018 two of the original band members, Yngve and Finn, restarted the band, recorded three of the old songs together with seven new ones and released their debut album in 2021.

Feedback for “A Shadow of All Things Broken”:

Scream Magazine 5/6
Zero Tolerance 4.5/6
Metalized 8.5/10
Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine 8/10
Soil Chronicles 8/10
Metal Temple 8/10
MetalBrothers 7.5/10
Rock Hard Italy 7/10 7/10
Necromance 7/10
Quote from Rock Hard Italy:
«The entire album is a powerful and aggressive declaration of negativity and misanthropy»


Relentless Aggression – American Carnage

Relentless Aggression – End of Religeon

Relentless Aggression – The Art Of Self Destruction

Relentless Aggression – Epitome Of Resentment

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