Rejection – A New Age of Insanity

Rejection – A New Age of Insanity

REJECTION “A new Age of Insanity” (self-released, 20 December 2019)

  1. E.R.M.
  2. Eyes of Glass
  3. Wash It All Away
  4. A New Age of Insanity
  5. Superiority Complex
  6. Darkest Days
  7. You Get What You Give
  8. EOF
  9. 2K3
  10. Piece of the Action

Rejection from Greece strike back with their new album “A New Age of Insanity”. The band has a rather American modern metal sound with sharp riffs and catchy grooves.

Lyrically, they seem to be mainly occupied by such themes as the modern man, personal issues and modern way of life (technology etc.) all given with a sharp and ironic language.

The production is very clear and allows the instruments to be heard. Every instrument seems to be in its right place.

The band seems to dig bands like Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Fear Factory, Machine Head, Pantera, but also the 80’s and 90’s thrash/crossover bands.

Rejection use groundshaking groovy riffs of great heaviness and thickness. Some parts of them have the necessary sharpness and brutality. The rhythm section is also heavy, but sounds very flexible in their songwriting. The vocals are brutal and sickly groovy in the heavier parts, while they have a lighter more melodic approach on metalcore parts of their songs.

Standout tracks for me out of “A New Age of Insanity” would be the opening track “E.R.M.” with its hardcore/thrash groove that reminded me of Pantera’s “Far Beyond Driven” downtuned sick brutality with some metalcore additions, the Sepultura “Against” oriented “Eyes of Glass” with another beautiful metalcore part.

Nevertheless, you will listen “A New Age of Insanity” with great pleasure if you are a fan of groove/modern metal and metalcore. Rejection seem to have a very promising feature in this genre.

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