Redreigner – Redreigner EP

Redreigner – Redreigner EP

REDREIGNER EP “Redreigner” (December 2021, self-release)

  1. The Morbid Statistic
  2. Rereigner
  3. Breed Of Anger
  4. Myst

Young, eager, with a musical vision and a steady foundation, Redreigner emerge into the death metal scene and introduce themselves through their self-titled debut EP.

Founded by the brothers Constantine and Petros Jajas in the late 2020, their project soon turned into a band with the addition of Chris Dovas on drums and Paschalis Christofilos on vocals. By the end of 2021, the Redreigner has concluded with the recordings and released their first work.

Groovy and aggressive with fast riffs and even faster drum work, the band shows its knowledge and understanding of the death metal and proves that they have a clear purpose for their sound. With a few thrash elements here and there, the musical approach of Redreigner, while at times it tends to show some melodic influences, is mainly inspired by the U.S scene and by bands like the Morbid Angel-whose influence is clear, Carcass and Death.

While being only a year active, the Redreigner manage to unleash a quite remarkable old-school death metal sound. The 4 songs that are included in the EP grasp you and trigger your curiosity before they gain your undivided attention. Tracks like the “Myst”-the darkest of the songs, prove the skills of Redreigner and show interesting musicianship.

However, no matter how interesting their work might be, it would be a lie to say that Redreigner have developed a sound. And yet, they manage to produce a work that is worthy of your attention and is actually very interesting. The band introduces itself with this EP before they show their true self and claim their spot in the death metal scene with full-length debut.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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