Redeye Caravan – Nostrum Remedium

Redeye Caravan – Nostrum Remedium

REDEYE CARAVAN  – “Nostrum Remedium” (self-released, January 11 2020)

  1. The Descent
  2. A Gallop From Afar
  3. El Muerto
  4. Good Man Richard
  5. Ozymandias
  6. At Gallows End
  7. The Road North
  8. Banshee
  9. Marie Celeste
  10. Old Debt

It’s always nice to find out new bands that play original music with cool attitude. RedEye Caravan from Greece is one of them. They are a 7 people folk-rock/ dark-country collective.

RedEye Caravan use electric, acoustic and slide guitars to reach a country-folk/blues result. They add percussion to the standard drumming and they use harmonica and the violin.

The coexistence of male and female vocals and the careful addition of the backing vocals enhance the ritualistic aspect of RedEye Caravan’s music.

“Nostrum Remedium” is RedEye Caravan’s debut album. It lasts 40 minutes in which you will find a western/southern deadly atmosphere. The album is hauntingly dark and inspiring for a walk in the desert or in the graveyard. I am pretty sure that garage and necro-punks will also dig this.

The songwriting of RedEye Caravan is excellent and manages to deliver what their style asks for. They may be basically using simple riffs and ideas, but the whole orchestration is so good set that in the end the songwriting wins.

The basic vocals sound to me attractively tired. They are southern, but drag a serious blues load with them.

There have been 3 videos so far out of the album: “El Muerto”, “Good Man Richard” and “The Descent” being the latest of them. All these videos have their own character, but at the end of the road they meet. I suggest you to watch these videos because they are really representative of the band’s aesthetics and mood.

However, the video songs are not the only standout tracks of “Nostrum Remedium”. The whole album is a pleasant experience and for me the following songs stand out as well: “A Gallop From Afar”, “At Gallows’ End”, “Banshee” and “Old Debt”.

If you like artists like Dori Freeman, Jim Lauderdale and Kelsey Waldon you will surely find interest in RedEye Caravan. “Nostrum Remedium” is a great soundtrack to drinking you cheap whiskey while waiting to see the dance of the dead for once again in your room.

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