Red Partizan

Red Partizan

RED PARTIZAN was born in Yugoslavia as a poor man’s son and he saw the “Light of the World” for the first time, in his bed at his father’s house in Glogonj.

RED PARTIZAN was raised in Germany,
but every year he went back to visit his family for at least six weeks a year. His grandfather used to tell him stories about life as a real PARTIZAN in World War II and beyond.
He told him that it was NOT about killing or fighting the enemy. He told stories about courage, pride and about men who fought for something they believed in. Characteristics ,which are sadly missed in our days.

This are the stories of his grandfather…
This are the stories of the last real Partizan.

“REBELS & PARTIZANS” is the first single off the self-titled album set to be released Oct 31st, 2019.


RED PARTIZAN is a new solo project of Manuel Mijalkovski. In 2004,Manuel formed his rock band called THE BOYSCOUT. His music style could be described as rock,  with melodies and addictive hooks. 

Subsequently, Manuel suffers from Fibromyalgia which is an incurable pain disorder, but he never gave up. Heartbreakingly, in January 2016 he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. The next months were simply the hardest while he was struggling with death and fighting to stay alive. He is a strong survivor, however he was frustrated, he was angry and he was disappointed of his so called friends who were not there when he needed them most! THE BOYSCOUT was too soft for this chapter! So Manuel decided to form RED PARTIZAN and to put all the anger and frustration into this project to tell the stories his grandfather told him on to give other people hope in this dark times.

Red Partizan – Rebels & Partizans

Red Partizan – Bring Me Home to Mum

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