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red morris

Maurizio Parisi a.k.a. Red Morris is a Brescia-based rock guitarist, who ever since he was a child, he’s fascinated by every noise that can sound like a rhythm!! As a teenager he studied classic guitar for four years and later he decided to study electric guitar. He is strongly influenced by classic rock bands like Santana, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin , Thin Lizzy,Cream, Gary Moore.

Red Morris

Lady Rose is an album that has its roots in a climate from progressive rock sounds of the ’80s; entirely instrumental tracks on this CD give way to performances and virtuosity of the individual members who have collaborated to the arrangement of the songs.

The project is instrumental ideas matured in me at a young age, where the means and availability of that time did not allow the realization of a disc. Perseverance to want to produce a high quality instrumental album stayed with me until 2014, when etched traces of demo of some new songs of my composition which attracted the attention of my friend Renato Mombelli, bassist, who expounded the project friend keyboardist Beppe Awards. 

The entire album is dedicated to Rosa, my wife.

Red Morris – Black’s Eyes

Red Morris – My Life Blues

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