Red Mass

Red Mass

Created by Roy Vucino with Hannah Lewis as part of the TA DA arts collective, Red Mass has become a gathering of musicians and artists from around the globe. The band has amassed more than 100 participating artists and musicians in its ranks including Mike Watt, Mac DeMarco, Evan Dando, as well as members of Fly Pan Am, the Black Lips, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor among others.

 Their new video, “To Fall From Grace”, features King Khan on vocals and is a driving punk track off their new album ‘Hopeless Noise’.

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As the Diamond Girl’s mental state deteriorates, she opts to react with violence. This track is one piece of a bigger story which explores the Diamond Girl’s fall from grace, engaging with delusions of grandeur and the deeper recesses of this character’s personality disorder.

 “Killer On The Loose” features collaborators Rick Froberg (Hot Snakes,Drive Like Jehu) on vocals, Mike Watt on bass, along with Mac DeMarco on backing vocals, Pouf on drums, as well as Phil Clem (Duchess Says) and Him the Maji (ex-Aids Wolf) on guitars. 

 The song comes from our new album, A Hopeless Noise. It’s officially out on all digital streaming platforms via Label Étiquette now.

Red Mass’ core is comprised of founder Roy Vucino and partner Hannah Lewis. A mix of surrealist imagery and political yearnings drives the band member as they seek liberation through art.
Red Mass has more than 30 releases on independent labels most of which are now out of print.

Red Mass plays punk music for dark days. When you chose to escape into the Mass’ surreal world of punk there is no irony or any concession. It’s idealistic punk music with elements of rock n roll, goth rock, metal, pop, noise, folk, Da DA and  electronic music. Dark poppy hooks laced with strange sound effects, it is an ode to the past, music for today and the shape of rock to come.

Vucino has been a staple in the city’s garage rock and experimental scenes for the last decade and has since begun a commercial career, recording and writing tracks for film, fashion and television companies such as MGM, Saint-Laurent Paris, MTV, Playboy, Showcase and Alliance Films. Working in the film industry has allowed Vucino to lead Red Mass through the widest range of musical genres. There are strange and unsettling tones to the music, yet the songs remain catchy and familiar. An innovative rock n roll guitarist featured on SUB POP, Warner Bros., Last Gang Records, Swami, Alien8 and In the Red Records, Vucino has written tracks performed by great artists as Duchess Says and King Khan. This is not to forget his own 100+ releases.
Hannah Lewis wrote Red Mass’ 2015 single “Sharp”, a duet featuring herself and Mac DeMarco and has been working on documentary films with fellow mass members.

Always eager to explore new sounds and to collaborate with musicians all over the world, the band has amassed more than 100 participating artists and musicians in its ranks. The Mass’ unique approach that features lo-fi recordings mingling with highly produced tracks will allow the band to work with a barrage of guest musicians from all over the world including Mike Watt, Mac DeMarco, Rick Froberg, King Khan, John Kastner, Evan Dando and members of the Black Lips, the Ponys, Duchess Says, Human Eye, Godspeedyoublackemperor, Priestess & Fly Pan Am among others. The Mass has opened itself to all, it can offer young artists and outsiders alike a new haven. 

Red Mass – To Fall From Grace feat King Khan

Red Mass – Killer On The Loose

Red Mass – Diamond Girl

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