Rat King

Rat King
Self released
9 July 2021

Enigmatic doom metal outfit, Rat King, looms on the cusp of their upcoming opus, “Omen”. Drawing from the depths of gloom, Rat King’s latest endeavor delves into the stark and pallid recesses of the mind and the fallible nature of mankind. 

Formed in 2016 in Evansville, IN, members Andrei Stirbu (Lead Guitar), Kyle Wilcher (Drums/Lead Vocals), Jason Wilcher (Rhythm Guitar/ Backing Vocals), and Nick Graman (Bass), learned together and grew together as a band. Drawing inspiration from their metal forefathers Black Sabbath, Windhand, Conan, Electric Wizard, Sleep, and Kyuss, the band has explored heavier and darker themes throughout their evolution. 

“Omen” s a largely heavier and more orchestrated body of work than their previous releases, including their debut EP “Barren” (2017). The album is driven by haunting, emotive vocals, an increasingly rare commodity in a metal scene so committed to harsher styles of singing. The low tuning and methodical pace of each track draws the listener into the shadows and holds them to the very last note. 

“Omen” marks the defining moment in the band’s upward trajectory as they push forward into 2021 with more singles, more shows, and more doom on the horizon. 

Rat King – Nepeta Divinorum

Rat King – Hegira (feat. Mira Gassman)

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