Ram Hoss

Ram Hoss

Is Ram Hoss What’s Been Missing From Music All This Time?

Songwriting savant Ram Hoss just gave the world a pretty great gift. The artist, who specializes in unfiltered, come as you are songwriting has released “Ariana Grande”, a double single that shows that all you really need to write a great song is your voice and your instrument. “Ariana Grande” is a wonder romp that that hits hard like a musical punch to the gut. With quite a large library of songs released, Ram Hoss is one to look out for. 

Here is what Hoss had to say about the new release:

“This record is sharper, pointier, more out ta tickle. Still invasive, penetrating. But happier ta know ya. Catchier. Quicker too, if you got somewhere ta be or shit ta do. Faster on the in n’ out; bigger score. More loot; slicker getaway. Wetter. Slippery. And a whole bunch more fun!”

Ram Hoss – Ariana Grande

Ram Hoss – Evil Angel

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