Rainyday Rainbow

Rainyday Rainbow
Releases Mind-bend of a lo-fi LP
‘Live At Porters!’
December 23rd across digital space

Rainyday Rainbow releases their debut LP as a band, ‘Live At Porters!’ 23rd December 2022 via Bandcamp. This album is a lo-fi DIY take on the well oiled machine that is the live albums of old, taking influence of concept from the likes of The Great Society, The Doors, The Velvet Underground, and Jefferson Airplane who all played and recorded at a San Francisco club called The Matrix. Stylistically though, you’ll hear more modern approaches to the Psych-Rock genre such Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees (now know as OSEES), and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, who all in some way shape or form abuse their instruments on stage, even going so far as to eat their microphones like it’s their last meal; Rainyday Rainbow relish the opportunity to do such abnormal acts.

Paired with the somewhat rooted, is also the surreal as illustrated by Edward. “One of the first tunes we learnt as a band was one I wrote called Venomous Vines. It’s a song about being stung and strangled by a massive plant monster, with the idea being there’s no escape unless you succumb to being humanoid fertiliser! It was originally inspired by an art challenge, but evolved into this… this… THING! A thing from the jungle, or a thing from the swamp… who knows?!”

Sprinkled in amongst the chaos however there are more sincere sensibilities at play in Tom Emlyn, the newest songwriter to join the eclectic eccentrics. Ghosts in the bushes and the underpass shimmer and undulate to a garage rock backbeat with one of the songs he helped bring to fruition. Titled Undergrowth, it is taken from real life events, or as he describes; “Inspired by a feral cat that lives in the car park of Cardiff Castle, ‘Undergrowth’ is a song of distance and difference, slinking warily through the weeds and rubbish. A song of sympathy for ignored and insignificant small things.”

Rainyday Rainbow was founded off the back end of Ed’s solo iteration being picked up by the Welsh Government backed Forté Project, and being given extra support in starting a band. One of the major things wanted to be captured with ‘Live At Porters!’ was the raw energy of having a live band to play with, and all the nuances that come when the musicians bounce off of each other, as well as the mistakes and technical difficulties that come sometimes from a live gig.

Ed explains “I was playing with Osian back in 2019 just before some nasty bug came along and somewhat stopped us playing, so it was good to play with him again. He’s an absolute beast of a drummer, but much less beastly of a chap in person, so I was really keen to have him on board! Tom is also a legend to jam with, and we have a lot in common in the way we play guitar!”

“The philosophy I hold when it comes to this style of music is that it has to feel human in some way, and humans make mistakes. It has to come from some level of spontaneity, even if that boils down to someone forgetting to tune their bass before hitting record. I remember hearing a quote that if someone asks for a burrito when the record light is on, it’s the best part of the record” 

 Rainyday Rainbow hopes to make music weird again, with a drive and ambition befitting that of cosmic adventurers.  As an example, one key aspect to their sound for this LP is that they’re using a retro Tascam Portastudio 424, which operates via Cassette tape.

 “With tape, the mixing process can be a lot more experimental and free. If an instrument is mixed louder than usual on cassette tape, it fuzzes up rather than simply distorting nastily and crackling; perfect for some warm splatters of in your face sounds We can get slightly more ham with a raw sound on tape, as it allows us to spin the sound left and right, as well as slow it down and speed it up using something called a pitch wheel!”

Rainyday Rainbow releases their debut LP ‘Live At Porters!’ 23rd December 2022 via Bandcamp.

Upcoming gigs:

22/01/2023: Buffalo, Cardiff
17/02/2023: Bunkhouse, Swansea
10/03/2023: Crofters, Bristol
13/05/2023: Le Pub, Newport
01/07/2023: Tiny Rebel, Newport

Rainyday Rainbow – Venomous Vines

Rainyday Rainbow – Undergrowth

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