Radiant Knife Interview

Radiant Knife Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD. What type of artist are you?

RK. Honestly i’d say the best description is Avant Garde.  Yeah we hang out in the metal realm a lot, but like to shift directions almost every few songs.  I think this album is a pretty good example of that, and really can’t be judged by one song alone.  Some really dreamy build ups on this one that add a nice contrast between the heavy riffs.



PD. Tell us the brief history of yourself. 

RK. We’ll we’ve both been in a lot of local bands for the past 20 years.  Me (Stephen) starting with Icepick Revival, Collapsar, Raedon Kong and now Radiant Knife.  Greg starting with Object at the End of History, Lay to Waste, Air War, Dolphin and now currently plays in Brother Dege and the Brethren, Plush Claw, Thranes, and Radiant Knife.  It was only a matter of time before we started jamming together. We both have progressive musical interest and like adventures in technical songwriting and odd time signatures.



PD. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

RK. Musically I can’t say enough about progressive bands in the mid 90’s.  Dazzling Killmen, Keelhaul, Dillinger Escape Plan, Zeni Geva, and early Today is the day pretty much changed my life. Also the Amrep catalog from that era.  They were really pushing the limits back then and there was something special about that era. Biggest non musical influence would be skateboarding, which i believe changes how you view the world.



PD. What are your dreams and goals? 

RK. Really just to get this album out as much as possible and into people’s ear-holes.  We’re really stoked on the ground this one covers.



PD. Who writes your songs, what are they about?

RK. As a two piece we share the songwriting pretty much 50/50.  Typically i’ll come with a bag of riffs and piecing them together and sifting them out is a joint effort. Subject matter is all over the place. On this album it goes from perils of drug abuse, contemplating why and if we exists, human nature, my grandma’s battle with alzheimers, and rejection of religion.



PD. How do you promote your band and shows? 

RK. Through the typical social media platforms but mostly Instagram.  Facebook also, but if your like us and want to remove all the political crap from your sight, Instagram is the way to go. Typically i’ll throw a promo vid for the show together that highlights each band.  That seems to be the way to go to get things circulating.



PD. What do you think about downloading music online?

RK. Well its a mixed bag.  In one way it makes your music more accessible for everyone but at the same time the music is being devalued.  The shift from purchasing music from the artist/label to paying a company for a music streaming service (spotify/apple music) is very real and inevitable.  Ha don’t quit your day jobs!



PD. What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

RK. We’ll, my question is why get a record label?  Sure, there are some sick label’s out there that we’d love to be a part of but in the end, is it necessary?  Not really. You can do everything yourself these days without having a label skim off some of the returns.  Aside from exposure or helping fund a pressing, what value do they add?



PD. What song do you wish you’d written and why?

RK. Hmmm that’s a tough one.  How about Jackadaisical Chinese Tube Socks by Keelhaul?  Go listen to that one and tell me that’s not some of the sickest shit you’ve ever heard.  Also Ablaze from the new Yob album is pretty intense. Excellent songwriting and vocals on that one.


PD. What are some of your pet peeves?

RK. We’ll without being negative or offensive i’d say cookie cutter bands, including in metal.  It always gets pushed to the forefront because i guess most people like things that sound familiar and it’s easily marketable.  Oh another new band that sounds just like watered down or slowed down Sabbath?  No thanks, i’ll just listen to some fucking Black Sabbath.



PD. What is your proudest moment in music?

RK. We’ll, we try to be humble with music which is kinda counter to being proud.  But i guess we’re stoked to still be writing music for ourselves and not to please anyone else. Not once do we ever wonder or care what people will think about a song we write.  I think that comes with getting older but it definitely is the only way to be a true artist. Make art for yourself and no one else.


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