The members of Pylar are sacred smiths, Fire Owners and we use him to change the state of metal and achieve its perfection. The metal is very dangerous to handle due to its ambivalent character, it is loaded with both sacred and demonic forces. We are divine blacksmiths in charge of forging the weapons of the gods …

We are the incorruptibility, the permanence, the infinite duration, an existence independent of the temporal becoming … We are the vehicle for the transmutation of the Great Metal … Through us are manifested those who have long been absent … We are the Aludel … We are the bowels of the Earth … We are the matrix where the Electrum is incubated … We are the bowels of the earth …

LanguageDeCarpa – vocals Gamaheo – percussion, drums Trarames – horn, keyboards Lingua Alaudae – violin, mandolin Bar-Gal – guitar, keyboards


PYLAR – PYEDRA full album

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Band location – Atlántida Spain

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