Psycle – Surfaces

Psycle – Surfaces

  1. Long Way Down
  2. The Road I’m On
  3. Face The Fire
  4. Break

Psycle is a 4-piece rock band that is based out of Providence, RI. Psycle was formed in January of 1999 in Castleton Vermont.  Their latest release ‘Surfaces’ has just landedPsycle on our desk and boy has it got our attention.

The EP starts with ‘Long Way Down’, where Mike Kaz’s hungry bass lines are soon joined by Jay Carvalho’s infectious drumming to form an opening that is both hot and sexy.  Seth Salois’s vocal takes control and we are into something quite special  ‘Long Way Down’ reminds me a little of ‘Bullet The Blue Sky’ by U2, mixed with a little slither of Stranglehold by Ted Nugent only this is much much better. With strong guitar work from Joe Nikolazzo and Seth Salois, this is an opener to make you take notice. We are soon into the more melodic ‘The Road I’m On’ a track where we discover Psycle’s more traditional rock routes. Again Seth’s excellent vocals take the driving seat as we are led through a track that has hit single written all over it. The band are extremely tight and the playing is controlled and faultless.

‘Face The Fire’ is next and this follows on well as another traditional rocker. It does have that ‘shake your head’ feel to it and a great anthemic chorus, yet it again feels so modern. Listen out for some tremendous bass licks that creep up on you from the background, very clever. Final track and IMHO the best on the EP is ‘Break’. What can I say about ‘Break’? If you want a rock song with excellent drumming, then ‘Break’ is the track for you If you want a rock song with hard hitting vocals, then ‘Break’ is the track for you If you want a rock song with ‘kick arse’ bass and ‘in your face’ guitars  then ‘Break’ is the track for you If you want a rock song that has you singing out loud on the first listen, then ‘Break’ is the track for you. ‘Break’ is that good. 

‘Surfaces’ falls quite comfortably into the category of one of those records that you can pick out and listen to as a familiar friend. The tracks are so easily remembered and that is the sign of great writing and playing. Surfaces is well worth reaching out for. I am excited by where Psycle are going

Pete Devine Nov 2017


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