Risen from the depths of our drummers shed. Conceived on Halloween 2015. Psychotropy is 3 dudes who love cats, our common planet earth and Death Metal.

Collectively as a band and individually, we all enjoy and appreciate a wide array of different musical genres. Our main influences truly stem from local hard working bands touring in the underground scene who make shit happen like Anthesis, Orchid’s Curse, Engage The Threat, Zaum, Malixiria, Counter Clockwork, Abysseral Throne and Dumpster Mummy just to name a few.

As most of you know, our planet and its wildlife are facing the fiercest crisis we’ve ever known. In order to join and fight, we’re proud to announce that we will donate all proceeds from our recordings to The Greater Moncton SPCA and to The International Fund for Animal Welfare Organization. We vow to change the status quo and raise awareness, now more than ever.


Psychotropy – Synthesis


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