Pryma – UNCAGED 25th November 2022 Release

The band began with the vocalist Gabrielle George around 2012-2013. Gabi was inspired by Freddie Mercury, taking various inspirations from the band Queen itself.

Gabi began to piece the band together by finding local members around Margate, Kent area by putting posters around for a drummer. Gabi started off with a drummer first as these can be tricky to come across compared to other band members. Gabi found various musicians from Margate leading up to whitstable.

Gabi began to record music and do gigs, practicing within her basement room, being named “The Traps’ ‘ The members she had in and out didn’t have their hearts set in the same place and the sound just wasn’t within the vision.

The members come and go and Gabi spends years searching for the right members, for dedication and the hunger to be in a band. Gabi named the band “Renegade”.

Gabi put out an ad one day for a bass player and that’s how she came to find the Bassist Anthony Durrant. Gabi and Ant spent over a year writing their ideas down and the plan for what they wanted from a band.

Ant had been playing bass since a young age, being inspired by people such as Flee from the Red hot chili peppers. Ant had been in a couple of bands previously and had the same process of finding commitment and dedication. Ant and Gabi decided that the band was going to be heavy rock as this is what they both love.

Both Ant and Gaby put an advert online (facebook) to search for a guitarist and to complete some auditions (2019) This is when we came across Maximillian Raven.

Both Gabi and Ant had more than enough guitarists within the band that didn’t mould to the shape.

Max had been playing guitar since about the age of twelve.

Max nearly gave up on playing before deciding to try one more time by auditioning with us. Max had previously played with bands and created a band with a friend previously when in education.

Max auditioned. Ant and Gabi knew from the second he played that this was a great step in the right direction. At this point Max, Ant and Gabi had been practicing and auditing drummers together for around a year.

One afternoon Max was in a pub with friends when he greeted his old friend Dominic Smith.

Dom was a drummer who had been playing with friends and jamming with musicians. Dom overheard Max stating that the band needed a drummer. Dom jumped at this chance.

Dom came to practice one afternoon and the band began to mix like cheese and wine.

Dom began to drum heavier and heavier.

The band found its starting point with sound, image and great friendship.

Today we have Pryma.

Pryma – Black Teeth

Pryma – Stay

Pryma – Masquerade released

Pryma – Disappear


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