Prosody is an alternative rock band based in Purchase, New York.
The band incorporates the styles of punk, indie rock, and folk into their sound, drawing on influences such as Green Day, The Cure, Porcupine Tree, The Fratellis, The Ramones, Nick Drake, Japan, and Elliot Smith.
Original songs range from momentous punk jingles to reflective ballads, with the occasional crowd-pleasing cover thrown into the mix. Their lyrics run the poetic gamut, touching on love, trust, nostalgia, anxiety, and isolation, while maintaining the honesty and intimacy that defines the band’s work.
A warm, positive energy on the stage that combines the joy of musical creativity, with some art-rock melodic and temporal edginess thrown in for good measure, Prosody is a stand-out band amongst the emerging indie scene.
Scott Obernier: Lead vocals, guitar, bass
Brendan Cowan: Guitar, vocals
Emma Steen: Bass, vocals, guitar
Will Heintz III: Drums
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Prosody – I Wont Be There For You

Prosody – UFO Song

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