The band is formed in 2012 by Andrea Simioni (Bass), Andrea Miranda (Rhythm Guitar) and Omar Durante (Lead guitar and Vocals).

A few time later, the band is joined by Daniele Varlonga (Drums) thanks to an advertisement posted on the Web. Afterwards, they begin playing some covers, in order to find their own specific way of expression.
In 2013, they end up eighth out of 45 bands at “Pagella Non Solo Rock” (a famous contest for the emerging music).

A month later, Andrea Miranda leaves the project, due to stylistic divergences. He will be soon replaced by Lorenzo Moffa.

2014 is a year full of opportunities and live exhibitions: the 31st of January they participate at SommergeM Festival, where they begin to gather a good amount of public. Three gigs later (including the Metal fest at the Café del Progresso), there will be the encounter with Adriano Vecchio (producer, polyinstrumentalist and composer), thanks to whom the band will be able to offer its characteristic sound.

In a second time, Proliferhate records two tracks (“Der Grossman” and “Resonance Frequency”), the first of which, released as single track, earns a pretty good success in the underground metal scene on the Web. That is such, that “Der Grossman” is inserted in the American compilation “World of Metal Vol. 2”, by “All Metal and Music Promotions”, a label from Pennsilvanya.

In summer, they are at “Do you want to rock this park?” festival, at Padiglione 14, where they have the chance to collaborate with bands with much more experience, like Bizar Bazar and Anxsthesia.
After the release of their first official video (featuring “Der Grossman”), they play with Necrodeath, historical metal band, the 26th of December 2014, at Café Liber.

During the summer 2015, Proliferhate takes its music abroad, by taking part in its first European tour.

As a proper ending for this season, Proliferhate has recently slowed down with lives, in order to focus on their first release.
“In No Man’s Memory” (the official name of the album) has been released on December 16th by the English label RMN Music and it’s available worldwide on Spotify,iTunes,Amazon,Google Play and Deezer.

On May 7th 2016 Proliferhate shared the stage in Turin with one of the most important bands in its genre: Novembre, an historicaldeath/doom metal band from Italy.


Proliferhate – Opening “Novembre” (Ursa Tour 2016)

[Aftermovie] – Channel Trailer HD

Proliferhate- Der Großmann (Der Grossman) –

[Official Video]

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