Prey Drive

Prey Drive

PREY DRIVE just released Shinjuku for an optimistic look on life.

Who’s Prey Drive again…?

With an ever growing fan base, ever changing hair colours, tours and an album that you just can’t help but listen to time and time again, it’s been a very busy 2019 for UK’s Prey Drive

Since the release of their vinyl – Once more with feeling, the band has been racking up over 300,000 streams on Spotify alone. They seem to be on every Spotify playlist, including appearing on both Basement and Enter Shikari’s curated playlists. Like I said it’s an album you just can’t turn off. 

Amongst touring around Europe & the UK several times, Prey Drive also been keeping busy performing alongside noticeable bands such as Busted, Fatherson, Free Throw, Slow Crush & the deadnotes.

Now it’s time for their much anticipated newest release to surface, written after singer Brad’s trip to Tokyo last year, the band were inspired by his stories of a city, “Shinjuku”, full of lights & atmosphere. The new single takes inspiration from beloved bands such as Turnover, Balance and Composure & Citizen. Hmm… dreamy.  



Shinjuku is a district in Tokyo that I had the pleasure of working In for a while. It’s one of the brightest places on earth due to the vast amount of neon signs and advertising they have all over their buildings. Tokyo was a place I had always wanted to travel to and it didn’t disappoint. It was a completely different way of life, culture and even though it is densely populated, felt clean, calm and a breath of fresh air. 

The song is about comparing your life to other people’s. Always thinking they are ahead and have their shit together while you are ‘still spinning around’ trying to find your footing or path in life. It’s about things always changing around you ‘everyone I know, is with someone new’ and not being able to control them. everyone I love, will leave me too’

The chorus lead line ‘it can’t rain all the time’ is a film reference from ‘the crow’. I took this as a metaphor for meaning no matter how much shit life throws at you, there will be some light at the end of it. I thought this was a hopeful and optimistic look on life and a good message to not give up.

Prey Drive – Shinjuku

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