Pollenating the airwaves since 2014 this manic 4 piece blast out a chaotic cacophony of funky fusion concepts. Drawing influences from the worlds of reggae, ska, punk, psychedelia, hip-hop, funk, and jazz. With no two songs sounding alike, their unwillingness to be pigeon holed drove them to coin a phrase to explain their sound “devil reggae” . Always forging new ideas, whether on it or off it, this gang never forget about the beat with that all important groove is at the heart of every track.
Taking to the stage across the midlands and beyond, these four amigos have played alongside Big D and the Kids table, Popes of Chilitown, Wonk Unit, The Soap Girls, Allusondrugs, The Bad Flowers, Nosebleed, Captain Stingrays Groove Machine and many more! Gracing stages at Unreal Fest, Lichfield Fuse Festival, 02 Academy Birmingham, The Empire Coventry, Redrum, Cellar Bar, Sunflower Lounge, The Rainbow, Slade Rooms, The Roadhouse, The Victoria, The Gifford Arms, The Station, and The Guildhall to name but a few.
With new releases in the pipeline, this awesome foursome are heading back to the studio with big plans for their first full concept album release. Stay tuned for more of Polly and friends adventures…

Benjamin Wigley – Bass/Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Accordian/Uke
William Schmidt – Guitar/Backing Vocals/Piano/Synth/Drums
Coreylee Furnival – Drums/Bass/Guitar
Molly Ellen Taylor – Saxophone/Piano/Synths/Bass/Guitar/Backing Vocals

Pollen Introduction

Pollen – Duh!

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