Point Clear

Point Clear are a 4-piece indie/rock/blues band from North Essex, UK. Upbeat and energetic, mixing aspects of classic rock, soul, blues and elements of swing to create a sound that’s their own. 

They came together in 2016… Jamie was looking to launch his own project for original music, having been playing in various cover bands over the years.  By this point he’d got a catalogue of songs and the confidence from gigging to give it a go.  He met the original drummer Ivo through a music sharing site and Ivo then introduced Ben and myself (Josh) to the project. 

Ben and I have been making raucous noise together since we were about 15 – turning amps that were too big for the space up way too loud and jamming Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica and Guns N Roses songs and taking it in turns to rip solos, surrounded by dirty bedding and discarded socks – the stuff teenage rock n roll dreams are made of!  Ben and I later joined the MacGregors, a punk rock band from Essex and after several line-up changes – think Spinal Tap and drummers we met Ivo. 

By the time we all met up with Jamie to rehearse we already had great chemistry and experience together and Jamie just locked in straight away.  We entered a battle of the bands a few weeks later thinking it would be good experience. It was on a big stage with a panel of judges and a local TV station – it was intimidating.  To our surprise we won!  It was a great confidence boost for us and confirmed to us we had something special.

Unfortunately, Ivo was called back to his native Portugal and we were back in the dreaded Spinal Tap situation.  Luckily it was not our fate and Matt joined us in 2017 adding a heightened element of drive and enthusiasm.  Since Matt joined, we’ve gained a lot of momentum and made real progress.  We’ve made two music videos, which had a great reaction and helped us land some festival gigs and we’ve had a number of radio plays. On top of that our audiences & following are building week on week. 

At the beginning of November we released our debut EP ‘Far and Wide’ on all the major platforms, which has had some awesome feedback too.

Point Clear – Screw

Point Clear – Hit And Run

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