PLNT9 release Debut EP ‘Orbiter’

PLNT9. have just finished their debut EP ‘Orbiter’ and have released their latest single off of the EP called ‘Sunsuit’.

Formed in 2017, Alex Archon (Vocals/Bass), Milan Zivkovic (Guitars) and Chuck Mckissock (Drums) came together on the streets of California’s rapidly changing neighborhoods of Hermosa Beach, where a reviving punk rock scene was emerging.

The three band members met through mutual friends and instantly gelled with their shared interest in the rock scene of the 1990’s through bands such as Kyuss, early Muse and Sonic Youth as well the classics like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. It wasn’t long until the trio formed their own band and named it PLNT9 and became part of the growing psych and punk rock music scene in Los Angeles, CA.

PLNT9 has played numerous shows around downtown Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Hollywood and are also building a live following in Joshua Tree having played numerous shows in the area.

To start off 2020 in stride, the band went all in with producer Fox Fagan and recorded their debut EP ‘Orbiter’. Following the release of their single ‘On Your Own’, the band has come out with single number two, ‘Sunsuit’. Now available as of Friday, May 1.

PLNT9 – Sunsuit

PLNT9 – On Your Own

PLNT9 – Who Knows

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