PLIZZKEN releases second single ‘Rude & Wild’

Emeryville, CA – After releasing their debut single Dear All Happy People to worldwide excitement, Germany’s PLIZZKEN has released its second single and accompanying music video for Rude & Wild. This track comes from the band’s upcoming album …And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes.


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Frontman Sebi Walkenhorst has a penchant for writing with his heart on his sleeve and he displays it in full force for Rude & Wild. The song’s inspiration comes from last summer’s conflicts in Germany in which teenagers clashed with police in the city center of Stuggart.

“My own experiences from my youth and as a father of four teenagers made me write the lyrics to this song. Without judging these kids I tried to bring the generational conflict to the table. Adults always have different views and lose their sense to understand young people. I want my kids to go their own way and decide what rebellion and maybe being different means for them. If they fall down and fail, then I will give them my hand and stand by their side.” says Walkenhorst.
In addition to the release of “Rude & Wild,” the band also announced they will be playing a livestreamed event on June 23rd from the SO36 in Berlin.

“It’s such a catchy song and an invitation to dance and sing along. None of us came wise and omniscient to this world and only a few will reach that level. So enjoying life and having fun is not a question of age but of a mindset,” adds Walkenhorst.

Fans may recognize Sebi’s trademark vocals already – although perhaps they’re more familiar with him singing in German for his other band Stomper98. For Plizzken, he sings the entire record in English:
“I always wanted to write English songs and after we started the songwriting process, I already had a sentence on my mind. So the first line ever written on this record was ‘go all the way’ from the title track ‘…And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes.'”

With touring plans cancelled due to the pandemic, Silvio Schlesier (guitar/vocals) and Sebi built a recording studio in their practice space with their free time. After jamming for a bit, the two began incessantly writing non-stop until the record was finished.

“For years I was just writing German lyrics and only a few in English for myself that I never released. When I was a kid, my mom would play me songs from The Who, The Beatles, Beach Boys, and early David Bowie and I was listening to early punk stuff like The Clash, Misfits, 7 Seconds, and others,” says Sebi.

The natural chemistry of Silvio and Sebi allowed for them to craft these rock ‘n roll tracks with ease. Their mission is to keep it authentic and real with no studio tricks or slick production.

The band’s debut album, …And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes, will be released on July 2nd on Pirates Press Records – home to incredible artists such as Cock Sparrer, The Old Firm Casuals, NOi!SE, The Aggrolites, The Slackers, and many others.

“While out on tour with Downtown Struts & Sydney Ducks, I watched Sebi completely crush it in front of thousands of people in Torgau, Germany… that sealed the deal,” remarks Skippy, owner of Pirates Press Records. “From first listen I knew this was something special and something that would allow this band to go from 0 to 60, spreading these tracks, and the PLIZZKEN vibe worldwide.”

Although the first album has yet to be released, the band is already back in the studio working on new music. That is, until they can get on the road and play gigs when the pandemic is over:
“When the stages open up again, we will head out and do what we all miss so badly. Sitting in a van, traveling for hours to reach a closed venue. Waiting for somebody to open up, loading in, and waiting again. Drinking coffee like water and sleeping in every corner to rest a little bit. All of this is known as living the dream,” remarks Sebi.

With new music on the horizon and fans around the world eager to hear Sebi’s voice singing English tunes, it will only be a matter of time before they’re playing to plenty of new faces!

Plizzken – Rude & Wild

Plizzken – Dear All Happy People

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