Plastic Tears – Angels With Attitude

Plastic Tears – Angels With Attitude

01. Dark Passenger
02. Secret Society
03. Iris Kick
04. Midnight Date
05. Rhythm Rider
06. Nuclear Nights
07. Blue Angel
08. Day By Day
09. Headless Army
10. Miss Stumbling Legs
Bonus Track:
11. Universal Kid

I was pleased to be contacted by Miqu December, vocalist with Finnish Glam Rockers Plastic Tears, about their latest release “Angels With Attitude”. “What d’ya think Pete?” He asked. My reply, after a couple of listens was a very quick “I’m hooked, I love the album!” Let me explain why….

Since forming in 1992 and after several band member changes “Angels With Attitude” is the third studio album from Finland’s finest glamsters, Plastic Tears. Following on from 2000’s “Stranded in Rock ‘n’ Roll” and 2009’s “Nine Lives Never Dies”, “Angels With Attitude is a very accomplished piece of work that boasts 11 thumping great tracks of rawness, energy and balls. Released by City of Lights Records, this album is well worth talking about.

Kicking off with “Dark Passenger” I am instantly reminded of The Sex Pistols “Silly Thing”, but this soon becomes a well crafted, twin guitar, glam, sing along epic. The album screams influences from the likes of The Clash, The Boomtown Rats, and even The Alarm. “Secret Society” embodies this in spades. What a great track for a single. I love the way that the track sounds both familiar and yet original. “Iris Kick” raises the tempo a little, with it’s chunky bass and drums beginning and a superb rocking attitude, this is a fun, fist waving anthem. The riff driven intro to “Midnight Date” adds to my admiration of this band. The track itself ticks so many boxes. It rocks, it is loud and it has that sudden ending…yeahhh. 

“Rhythm Rider” is a more basic rocker, and Edu Kettunen’s bass shines on this one. Myqu is sounding like Billy Idol and you can just imagine his top lip sneer being practiced. Next we have “Nuclear Nights” My attention was grabbed by the opening bars, “Nuclear Nights” has catchy verses, a stunning chorus, wonderful guitar solos and then there’s that thumping drumming by Eco Xtasy. What a track!

“Blue Angel” highlights how good Plastic Tears are. It is 3 minutes of pure glam joy. The twin guitar sound really working well under the spotlight of another brilliant rhythm section performance. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better along comes “Day By Day” What a cleverly arranged song this is. Hitting you in the face with the opening riff and then the fabulous verse leading you into the chant like chorus. I love the way the quietened down mid section draws you in and the song rebuilds into a dazzling climax. This has to be my favourite track on the album.

“Headless Army” rocks. With guitarists Andy Whitewine and Juha Pietiläinen stealing the show and hitting those strings to perfection. “Miss Stumbling Legs” turns the ‘Hi-Energy’ meter up a notch. It’s a storming rocker with great backing vocals and a massive head-shaking vibe. Album closer/bonus track “Universal Kid” is a typical Plastic Tears rocker, well written and polishly played, “Universal Kid” would be an impressive song to introduce the band to you friends. I find that this track defines them.

With Angels With Attitude, Plastic Tears have a truly sensational album that they can be proud of. I love how each track is worthy of representing the band in its own right. I love how they remind me of, and bring back wonderful memories of so many bands from my past, yet they still sound fresh and I love how each track brings a smile to my face. As I have already said before “I am hooked, I love the album”. Give it a listen, you may get hooked too. 

Miqu December – vocals
Eco Xtasy – drums
Andy Whitewine – guitar
Edu Kettunen – bass
Juha Pietiläinen – guitar

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