Plastic Age

Plastic Age

Plastic Age, a Neo trio consisting of two girls and a boy of just 21 years old has already shot in much of France and beyond. More than a hundred concerts that allowed them to expand and retain, month after month and the strength of the round, its audience, at the regional, then more and more national (Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux, Metz, Nantes , Tours …). Sets ignited and without dead time, bursting with envy and energy, the trinity guitar / bass / drums charging at the run, while the 3 voices intertwine in powerful and subtle interlacing.

After a first EP already hailed by the critics at the national level in 2017, their first album released in April 2018 chooses an artistic path very little borrowed in France. Their rock, bursting with multiple intelligently digested influences (from Kinks to Hives to Ramones or Pixies) is a subtle blend of punk energy from the origins and finesse of real pop. Their music is dignified and their brave attitude, we could summarize it in one sentence: “Fuck you, rock n’roll is not dead! “

Apolline Magnet (vocals-bass)
Nicolas Meslin (guitar-vocals)
Gaëlle Soumier (drums-vocals)

Plastic Age – Black Mirror

Plastic Age – Double Game

Plastic Age
Band/Artist location – Nevers France
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