Plastic Age

Plastic Age

After almost 200 concerts in France and abroad, 1 EP and 2 albums reviewed and broadcasted in France and internationally, (e.g. Rolling Stone Magazine, Rock&Folk, American and European radios…), the band is preparing a new EP (“Split Brain”) which will be released on September 16th 2022.

For 9 years already, Plastic Age has been leading its boat on the ocean of French rock. Stubborn and passionate, the 3 kids who have grown up are constantly and confidently expanding their fan base, concert after concert, record after record. Away from the main currents and by the sheer force of the handle, they cross the stages one after the other, avoiding the multiple journeys that await them.

In August 2021 Florian, a precise and powerful drummer, joined the group after the departure of Gaëlle. A new line-up and a new energy, music that hits even harder and goes straight to the guts.

Since 2013, the trio has toured tirelessly in most of France but also abroad (England and Italy), nearly 200 fiery concerts (first parts of Little Bob, Deluxe, Lost balloons (US), Luke , Tacocat (US), Twen (US), Snoffetoffs (D)…) which brought them a growing reputation as a group with a powerful stage presence.

A first EP was released in 2016, followed by a first album in 2018, both acclaimed by critics (Rock&Folk, Abus Dangereux…) and recorded in the Tambours du Bronx studio near Nevers (the famous Tambours also invite Apolline to sing regularly on stage with them and on a title from their latest album).

In April 2021, the group released “YEACK! », his second album produced by Julien Robalo (The Marshals). As soon as it was released, the album received a warm critical reception: Rolling Stone made it its “Frenchie of the month” and many reviews, in Europe and elsewhere, hailed its energy and the quality of its compositions. Many excerpts are also included in the playlists of rock radio stations in various regions of the world (Europe, USA, Australia, etc.). Without wasting any time, the band is working on a new EP with their new drummer and is scheduled for release in the fall of 2022.

From June 2021, the group has also resumed its regular and usual rhythm of tours, especially since in parallel, their selection for the “Peace and Lobe” program leads them to perform in front of a large school audience throughout the region. Burgundy Franche-Comte.

Plastic Age has also released more than a dozen music videos, mostly directed by young directors with varying aesthetics.

Apolline Magnet (vocals-bass)
Nicolas Meslin (guitar-vocals)
Gaëlle Soumier (drums-vocals)

Plastic Age – I Get So Bored

Plastic Age – Wasted Time

Plastic Age – Radio Pitbull

Plastic Age – Desire

Plastic Age – Black Mirror

Plastic Age – Double Game

Plastic Age
Band/Artist location – Nevers France
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