Pistols At Dawn

Pistols At Dawn
19th August 2022

We have to be careful to maintain our thoughts and emotions, or ‘The Truth’ is that they could tear us apart.”

Elsewhere, the opener and follow-up single “Under The Surface” immediately sets the tone with a hypnotic riff and hard-hitting vocal, barely containing its cathartic momentum in the searing lyrics, “Take what you want and leave me for dead. All that I need is under the surface.”

“This song deals with the hell some have to go through above ground with people constantly taking, lying, and poisoning,” he reveals. “So, you want to be buried deep to get away from society where no one will find you.”

 Elsewhere, “Fly” leans into a dark chorus, equally soaring and shuddering all at once. It strikes a chord with its timeless theme presented through a nocturnal prism.

“It’s a powerful and dark love song about wanting to disappear with your true love,” he elaborates. “Musically, diversity was important to us. So, each song really tells a different story with a distinct sound.”

Indicative of this diversity, “For You” steamrolls forward on a hulking groove fortified by a punchy riff and towering refrain. It sets the tone for the rollercoaster to follow.

“It’s about finding someone really special who is worth changing for,” notes Adam. “If you find someone you love enough, you’ll change. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Ultimately, Pistols At Dawn ignite a fresh and fiery vision for rock all their own.

“We want to take you on a ride,” he leaves off. “We just love playing music. One moment, we hope you’re inspired to take on the world. In the next, we hope you scream along. In another, you just chill. It’s meant to be fun and exciting overall. At the end, we hope you want to take the ride again and again.”

Pistols At Dawn – Fly

Pistols At Dawn – The Truth

Pistols At Dawn – Gone Black

Pistols At Dawn – Now Is The Time

Pistols At Dawn – Voices

Pistols At Dawn – All You Offer

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