Piah Mater

Piah Mater

Born in 2010 from the prolific scene of Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), Piah Mater self-released their debut album “Memories of Inexistence” in 2014 receiving a very positive response from fans of the genre and worldwide underground media outlets. Now, four years later they return in full force with a 6-track, 56-minute-long opus entitled “The Wandering Daughter” that was mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Tony Lindgren and featuring original artwork by renowned French artist Sylfvr.

Piah Mater conjures many qualities that are common to other acts in Code666’s roster. An eerie, ominous sense of melancholy, disregard for traditional song structures, an ever-evolving stylistic approach that doesn’t allow for two albums to sound the same…And, at the other hand, they cover grounds that other bands don’t usually tread – a cauldron of gut-wrenching death metal and atmospheric black metal seen through the kaleidoscope lens of progressive rock.

On October 5 2018, code 666 will release “The Wandering Daughter” by Brazil’s PIAH MATER. The album is a cauldron of gut-wrenching Death Metal and atmospheric Black Metal seen through the kaleidoscope lens of Progressive Rock.

Vocalist Luiz Felipe Netto commented “Code666 has been the cradle of many great bands that went on to later become household names in their niche. We are very honored by this opportunity and looking forward to seize it in the best possible way.”

He further explains that “Although it’s not a concept album per se, “The Wandering Daughter” does have a common theme throughout its entirety, a thread that connects its 6 songs into a sensorial unity. On a musical level, we aimed for that feeling of being taken on a journey, with its many pitfalls and climaxes along the record’s 56 minutes of play. Lyric-wise, that thread would be the relationship between man/ woman and nature. I understand that, at a first glance, this is not exactly groundbreaking territory for a band to explore in their songs, plenty of artists have delved into this topic before. But I do believe that, when crafting lyrics, perspective is everything and that the way this subject is presented stems from a very genuine and intimate place. I hope that comes across to the listeners as well.” 

Piah Mater – Cathiard

Piah Mater – Young Rust

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