Phorceps started in 2007 when Pumuky and Kayser, guitar and bass respectively, recruit to the drums Fernan and create Broken Kondom. Chechu would take over the other guitar and Boron’s voice to complete the quintet shortly after. A few weeks later Chechu gets into the car of Beethoven R. and leaves the combo, being replaced by the Hispanic-German Lolo, with the band already like Phorceps.

They give their first concerts in the city of Madrid, supporting bands like Sibila and Nazca, with good reception by the public. In February 2009 Lolo leaves the band and David Yáñez happens to be the new guitarist. It is at this stage when you begin to make the first songs of your own.

Finally, one of the founding members, Pumuky, is replaced by Lasso, to immediately begin recording the first demo of the band, an EP titled “Fog”, self-produced, recorded in the premises 39 RED, mixed and mastered in Bezarel Study. A recording of which are edited 300 copies, being sold all in a few months.

The promotion of “Niebla” has led the band to various stages, such as Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Gandía, … and to play with bands both nationally-Mr. Rock, Cyclone, Iron Curtain, Hamunaptra, Last Prophecy, Black Hat, …- as international -Sky Clad, Iron Savior, Astral Doors,

In the summer of 2014 David Yáñez leaves the group and is replaced by Kike. That same autumn the new formation enters in studio to record the second Ep titled “Comes for you”, recorded and mixed in the studies Gona Rec. Of Carabanchel (Madrid), produced by Nano Castro and by the own band, of Mastering is performed by Steve Corrao of Sage Audio (Nashville, Tennessee).

“Come for you” is presented in May 2015 and almost immediately begins the promotional tour through the national territory (Lugo, A Coruña, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Córdoba, Arganda del Rey, Castellón, Valencia, Sabadell, Zaragoza, Alicante , Oviedo, Murcia …)

Phorceps – Jerico

Phorceps – Corazon

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