Phase Reverse

Phase Reverse

Phase Reverse present their official cinematic 4K video for the single “Genocide”!

The track is taken from the band’s upcoming, fourth full-length album “Phase IV Genocide” that will be out on December 11, 2020 via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records!

Watch the video here:

Video art by Haris Kountouris – HK VIsual Creations:

Haris Kountouris comments on the video: “I’ve always had in my mind the creation of a ‘post-apocalyptic’ video. I had the chance with Phase Reverse’s song ‘Genocide’ . Inspired by the lyrics and by the current situation of the planet, I tried creating a video that represents a, not far-fetched reality given the world’s current situation. We are like a ‘cauldron’ boiling, ready to explode with catastrophic results. I also wanted to show how far we are from each other as a civilization, ‘asphyxiating’ in these rough times… Genocide, a word that have been determining us as a species.”

Music & Lyrics: John Chief Stergiou

Recorded at Orfeas Music Studios (Athens) by Tas Ioannidis

Mixed & Mastered at Cornerstone Studios (Berlin) by John Chief Stergiou

Produced by Phase Reverse

Special thanks to: Akis Kosmidis, Lampros Kokkinos and Dimitris Kazantzis.

Phase Reverse comment: “The acoustic guitar with the blues pentatonic arpeggio represents our loneliness. As the other instruments enter the scene, they develop the harmony around the guitar, leading to the revelation of a great truth. We are experiencing a genocide almost every moment. The death rate from natural causes is the lowest of all causes. Guess what are the causes of death of all living organisms every day…”

Digital single of “Genocide” is now available across all digital and streaming platforms!

1. The Return
2. Destruction On Demand
3. Genocide
4. Copy 10-4
5. Know Thy Shit
6. Die And Let Live
7. Delete
8. Eat What You’re Served
9. Sound Of My Stone
10. Martyr Of The Phase

1. The Return
2. Destruction On Demand
3. Genocide
4. Copy 10-4
5. Know Thy Shit

1. Die And Let Live
2. Delete
3. Eat What You’re Served
4. Sound Of My Stone
5. Martyr Of The Phase

Phase Reverse is:
Alex Alexiou – Drums
Takis Mark – Vocals
Tas Ioannidis – Bass, Vocals
Kostas Kotsikas – Guitar
John Chief Stergiou – Guitar



“Phase IV Genocide” will be released through ROAR! Rock of Angels Records, physically and digitally worldwide on December 11, 2020. Available on Digipak CD, Transparent Neon Orange Vinyl (Ltd 300 copies) & Digital streaming/download format.

Phase Reverse – Genocide

Phase Reverse – Martyr Of The Phase

Phase Revers – Delete

Phase Reverse – Time Reverses Time

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