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Where do you start on a blog. . . . . ..

hate that word. . .so lets start anew !!

Wanted to write songs since my dad took me to see a film. The `b’ movie on that occasion was about 60’s pop bands with a clip of keep on running, .i think the Kinks, and others.  

Wanted my mates to form a band at the age of 9 or 10, they had no idea what i was on about.

After stretching elastic bands over tins etc. (anyone else do that) ? i finally got an acoustic guitar, it was great, no idea from that point on, so tuned the strings to a sort of chord and made things up. My cousin got one too, and also an how to tune up book and chord shapes.  Some time later,  I got into Art College, but the summer prior to that got a job loading 6 tons taters on lorries, and going out on the rounds. I was allowed to save two weeks money and brought my first electric a Watkins Rapier 22.

Years later i wrote songs with various people, and my dads new 2nd hand 4 track Akai had sound on sound, so began learning to dub extra’s. WE didn’t know any drummers so i used to shove a mike down the chair, use the arm as a bass drum, and a tupperware witha tin lid full of screws on top was the snare. 

Some considerable time later, i played in bands, learned to play live, then family life put a halt on the proceedings, and took over for a good many years. Then doing up a property from a shell. 

Finally here i am, writing songs once more, playing and jamming too. I hope you like some of my songs on here…you could say they have been in my subconscience for quite some time  !  !  Now my 3rd album is available too.

Paul Limb – The Emporium of hidden Dreams

Paul Limb – Heart of Chrome

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