Paul Fletcher And The Dukes

Paul Fletcher & The Dukes  – No More Tears

(Released June 28th 2021)

Born in Sheffield, Paul Fletcher has been navigating his city’s music scene for as long as he can remember. A singer, songwriter, and producer, Paul spent two years as lead song writer and guitarist with the indie band Blind Drivers, Paul left to concentrate on production duties and writing projects for a number of established pop acts, which has led to several tracks breaking into the Top 40 UK charts. Not content with just being behind a desk however, Paul took the punt as a solo artist, writing and recording 2019’s ‘Rewind Your Soul’ before signing a further deal under the Paul Fletcher and Dukes banner to write and record three more albums.

The first of those albums, In the Blink of an Eye finds Paul’s seeking a deeper meaning, tackling love, friendships and loss, whilst creating catchy choruses that will inevitably see crowds connecting with the artist and songs.

The new album (Produced by Dave Sanderson of Reverend and The Makers, 65 days of Static fame) sees Paul being pushed to draw from influences from his past, but to ‘always keep the listener guessing’ as to what is coming next. As much as the songs are deeply personal, the sense of the album is that ‘everything will be ok and we’ve got to stick together’ (a notion very relevant for the times we live in) and there’s a sense of euphoria and hope that comes through in everything that Paul is writing about.

Indeed, his latest single, No More Tears, is arguably his most personal release to date. Described by Paul as “probably one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written. It’s about my Dad who passed away when I was about 11. I think as I get older I think about him and the situation more, especially having a daughter.”

“I remember sitting down on the chair in the front room with an acoustic guitar and finally deciding that I want to write a song about the subject which had never been at anything that I’d wanted to do previous. As much as I wrote songs about situations that were close to me or situations that were close to people that I loved, this was something I just felt I never needed to write about my Dad, however in my own little way on this night I wanted to. It was almost cathartic to an extent and once I’d started it, it flowed out to a point where the song was pretty much written in about 15 minutes. I think sometimes that happens when you going out there to write song, the good ones just fall into your lap.”

“I think everything that I want to say about that situation is in that song and I think anybody that’s been in that situation, it says it for them as well. In terms of the recording process it was the first track that we did with Stephen on drums and what was seemingly going to be a melancholy love song to somebody that was no longer here, it turned into a huge song which essentially was a celebration of the someone being here (if that makes sense?) love the track and the lyrics about someone looking down on you. I kind of think when I sing it that he is looking down on me. You know there’s only so many tears you can cry about scenario before you have to realise that life goes on an important thing is to ensure that the memories don’t fade.”

‘No More Tears’ will be released on 28/06/2021. 

Paul Fletcher & The Dukes are:

  • Paul Fletcher – Lead Vocal / Guitar
  • Mike Beatham – Lead Guitar
  • Kirsty Mullen – Bass
  • Stephen Broughton – Drums

Paul Fletcher And The Dukes – No More Tears

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