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Interview with Paul Fletcher of Paul FletcherAnd The Dukes and Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Paul! You’re no stranger to our site. What have you been upto since the last time we spoke?

PF: It’s been busy, the response to this single has been great. I’ve been busy writing with a couple of artists for their new EPs and we started work on the third album last Saturday. We’re in two minds as to whether it’ll be an album of whether we’ll put out three EPs that all have a different sound. I don’t know yet, but there’s some big sounding songs in there at the minute. I think we Demi’s about 10 songs, so there’s lots to got at.


PD: You’ve recently released your latest single ‘Starts And Ends With You’. Can you tell us about the track?

PF: The tracks something that I think everyone can relate too. It’s that moment when you’re just at a point where you think it’s that one person that everything’s starts and ends with. That notion of ‘can’t live with them, can’t live without them.’ It’s emotion. The vibe of the song harks back to that synth era of Sheffield. I love the track, it’s what we start the live set with and always goes down well.


PD: There’s another album in the pipeline as well. What can we expect from that?

PF: We’re really proud of the album. I genuinely think it stands up against anything that’s out at the minute. It’s an album of hope, love, heartbreak and drive. It’s emotional. There’s some of the most personal songs I’ve ever put to record. Songs like ‘No More Tears Left To Cry,’ ‘Fool In Love With You,’ ‘When I Call Your Name,’ and ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’ are songs that hit the emotive button. They’re songs that have personal links to me. We go from Indie banger, to New York Disco to one song (a song called Number 58) which has no guitars on it, which is the first time I’ve done that. ‘Chasing The Sun’ has taken 6 years to finish. I love the album, I think you can listen to it hear the theme, but there’s masses of experiment in the album, much more compared to the previous album, without us losing our identity.


PD: Are there any themes or narratives that link the album to your previous releases?

PF: As I said, it’s hope, loss and love. I’d like to think that although it’s deals with those issues, it’s quite an ‘up’ record. It’s basically saying that sometimes it’ll be hard, but it’ll all be ok in the end. If you know what I mean?


PD: Lockdown is now hopefully behind us. What methods did you use for getting through the last 12 months?

PF: We’d basically finished the recording so it was more the mixing that we did remotely. It was quite easy working with Dave Sanderson on that. We’d challenge each other, but all in all, we always came to the same conclusion on the songs.


PD: How did it affect your creativity?

PF: Not at all.


PD: Did you find it stifled or were you able to use it to your advantage?

PF: No, it’s really pushed us. Nowadays with technology, the process can be done remotely as long as the communication is maintain.


PD: With the country seemingly on its way back to normal. What’sin the pipeline for you and The Dukes when normal service resumes?

PF: Gigs gigs gigs, we just want to get out their and play the album.


PD: The music industry seems to be changing at quite an alarming rate, for a number of reasons. What’s your biggest annoyance within the industry and how would you go about changing that?

PF: I think it’s sad what’s happening to music venues and I think there should be more done by the government to support. I think it’s a well trodden path in terms of the conversation, so I won’t get on my soap box, but it’s the lifeblood of musicians – it’s important. On the other hand, musicians need to adapt to the climate as well.


PD: Where can we check out your stuff online?

PF: You can find us on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, soundcloud by typing in paulfletcherandthedukes.


PD: Finally, any partying words of wisdom you’d like to leave our readers with?

PF: Be kind and support your local music scene.



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