Path to Paradise

Path to Paradise

Path To Paradise was started in September of 2017 by local musicians in Roanoke by lead singer Zaine Comstock and guitarists Michael “Mick” Miller, and Jon Hudgins. After establishing themselves as a small time local acoustic act playing in bars, the lineup changed several times. The band hired talented guitarist Conner Dotson as a bass player but quickly moved him to lead guitar, at the same time Jon left the bad for personal reasons. Michael left the band shortly after the band hired on Jesse Banks Booth to do drums, who shortly thereafter was fired due to personal disputes between himself and the other band members. Jared Harshbarger was a temporary guitarist when Michael Miller left the band to deal with his personal life, and the band reached another incarnation leaving Zaine as the only original member.

The band brought on Austin Setchel to play the bass, who subsequently left due to personal reasons shortly thereafter due to being too busy with school. Following that, the band hired on Micheal Scott for rhythm guitar and Micheal James Valentine on drums, when we went in studio with Final Track records to record our first 5 song EP. Micheal Scott left the band shortly therafter. Michael “Mick” Miller returned to the band after to act as a business contact and booking agent instead of playing with them live on stage.

Currently, the band lineup is as follows:
-Zaine Comstock: Lead vocals
-Conner Dotson: Lead guitar/vocals
-Micheal James Valentine: Drums/percussion
-Brett Masterson: Bass
-Skyler Gilbert: Rhythm guitar

The band writes original music and perfoms covers, and has recently been booked to play shows at local venues in roanoke as well as play the 50th annual Roanoke Festival in the Park on May 26th and 27th.

We are releasing our EP on all major music sharing sites on Thursday, March 22nd 2018, and recording our next single, coming out after May 2018. Following that, we are remastering the songs on our current EP and recording our 1st fully original album, consisting of 12 new songs, by the end of summer/middle of fall 2018.

The new album, titled “The Start” will be sold on Itunes and Amazon Music with the standard version consisting of the 12 new songs and the limited edition album will include ther 12 songs as well as the remastered EP and personal gifts from the band for a higher price.

Path to Paradise – I Think I’ll Stay

Path to Paradise – Living With Your Ghost

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