Parrilla – Femme Fatale
Dark UK Industrial Metal


There are treasures that catch our eye and snare our soul – a glitter of gold in the darkness, a cold gleam of starlight in a clouded night sky. The half seen beauty consumes us, while the surrounding gloom obscures the greater reality in enticing mystery; the claw and tooth, the labyrinthine complexities, the hidden hurts, the sustained damage leaving rusted hooks and broken edges. We lay our hearts at the feet of shattered deities; offer our love and blood like a vampiric transfusion.  We take the disdainful blows till we match them wound for wound, till we are broken too. Till we are empty vessels, discarded disciples with no love left to give.

Ensnared by Venus is the first part of the Femme Fatale trilogy of EPs from Parrilla – an industrial metal force of nature, unafraid to detonate reckless sonic devices beneath the boundaries of the genre and dance amongst the wreckage. This fearless opening chapter of their ambitious new endeavour hammers into the dark heart of unbalanced, unhealthy relationships and drinks deep from a chalice of poisoned lust and misplaced love and loyalty. The pounding beats and steel shod riffs grind beneath the melodious vocals, dipped in despair and painted with heartbreak. Pain experienced and pain observed form a tempestuous lyrical cauldron, perfectly matched by the pulsing rhythms and aching melodies, delivered with the force of an iron fist. Ensnared By Venus is an intense listening experience and an enticing opening to an intimidating triptych of sounds.

Parrilla have quickly established a formidable reputation for themselves, both live and in the studio. Games, Braaains And A Headbanging Life hailed the ‘dark depths’ of their debut EP, Dancefloor Messiah and their Breed single brought haunting, dangerous layers to the Nirvana original. Live, Parrilla have stunned fans with the intensity of their performances, crossing swords with the likes of the thunderous Goat Monsoon and the “shamelessly obscene” Alien Vampires. But for all that has gone before, this is where the real Parrilla story starts – with Ensnared By Venus and the Femme Fatale trilogy. This is the sound of a band come of age, a band ready to take you to the brink and beyond. On July 30th, dare the wiles of Venus and follow Parrilla over the edge, into a world of twisted desire and desperate lust…

Dani Messmer – Vocals & Guitars
Luke Megran – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Chris Howell – Bass & Backing Vocals
David Page – Drums

Genre: Industrial Metal
For fans of: Nine Inch Nails | Sisters Of Mercy | Static X | Depeche Mode

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