Most bands start off instrumental, in search of a vocalist to complement their style. In the case of Paragnosis, they went the other way round – after one single in 2015, they decided to pursue their brand of progressive metal with a silent microphone. Honing their craft in a variety of New York spots (St. Vitus, Lucky 13 Saloon & Gussy’s), the band focused their energy to create their first EP, aptly titled Clarity in Three.

“To the three of us, Paragnosis means knowledge obtained through an external source.” In this case, their influences and soundalikes are diverse but keeping comfortably in the progressive realm. Tool jostle for space with Primus, Animals as Leaders with Mastodon on one crowded stage. The bass is punchy in the mix, blending well with the flexible drumming and the versatile guitar work. The result is a trip from one end of prog to the other – psychedelia through melancholia to total riff-outs. ‘Cognition’ is a particular trip, where you can hear Moise Scott smacking his drums with all his might while Christian Realmuto and Thomas Salyer show off their tight chemistry on guitar and bass respectively.

Clarity in Three – originally released a couple years back – is now emerging with a new lick of paint and a brand new song entitled ‘Asthmatic’ – a six-minute bender that oscillates between a hypnotic flavor and some serious thrashing workout from all three musicians. This extended version is well worth a spin for fans of instrumental prog, or as an entry point for those new to the genre.

Clarity in Three (Redux) is due for release on 31 August in both digital and CD format. Order your copy here:
 Guitar: Christian Realmuto
 Bass: Thomas Salyer
 Drums: Moise Scott
 1. Maggots
2. Interlude
3. Better Off Dead
4. Hindsight
5. Foresight
6. Condition
7. Asthmatic

Paragnosis – Maggots

Paragnosis – Asthmatic

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